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Should We Complain about Paying to Reach People on Facebook Pages?

Complaing Promoted Posts Facebook

There has been a lot of talk buzzing around the web regarding Facebook’s changes to “people who saw this” or in other words how many people a brand can reach on their Facebook page. Two stories that caught my eye recently were surrounding the opinion of the Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban; on why he believes Facebook is driving brands away. The other story though acts as a rebuttal to Cuban’s theories and is on the opposite side of the scale. But which one is right?

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Would You Rather have Social Networks Track Your Online Activity or Have Them Make Money off of You?

Social Networks Track Your Activity

I have often wondered which of the two social giants were the lesser of two evils when it came to privacy, and although I choose to be a public person, I still remain wary of my privacy rights and how I too can protect myself from having those rights violated.

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