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Responding to Comments is a Significant Part of Blogging

Responding to Comments on Blogs

As a blogger you know the dedication in which you make to your blog or blogs, not only do you have to keep up with ensuring that your plugins, theme, widgets and overall site is constantly updated, you too are responsible for making your site look clean and user friendly… oh and of course you need to write, silly me.

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Finding Inspiration for Writing

Finding Inspiration for Writing

Every now and then you get asked a great question, which I did recently by @StrapsBrailey on Twitter the question was:


Now I, by no means write movie or television scripts, although I have in the past in college, however, today I write many articles for blogs and websites that range from gadgets, social media to technology. The writing begins on a daily basis which can lead to close to 40 articles or more a month, so how does one find the inspiration to write?

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