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Examples and good strategies of brands using social media or Internet Marketing to further branding and gain followers and fans.

Why the Right Kind Of Images on Your Website Matter

Images on Your Website Matter

Every business, no matter what Industry you are in, is looking to expand your reach online. Whether it is through advertising to displaying your products on a website, you are looking to get your name and goods out there. Social Media Marketing is one way of doing it, but it must be done in a social manner, all except on one social network… Pinterest.

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Country Music Awards uses Popular Game SongPop for Marketing


This is Social Campaigning done right.

I am an avid SongPop player, a social game that allows people to play with others via Facebook (web interface) or the iPhone or Android mobile apps for your Smartphone. You are able to play with other people by taking turns trying to guess the correct song by the music genre you purchase with your SongPop coins (which are free unless you choose to pay for more.)

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The Inner Workings of the Internet


To many of us the Internet seems like a galaxy of 0′s and 1′s or a gaping black hole; since we use it but don’t necessarily know how it works or how it calculates the information we request for within search.

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