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Why the Right Kind Of Images on Your Website Matter

Images on Your Website Matter

Every business, no matter what Industry you are in, is looking to expand your reach online. Whether it is through advertising to displaying your products on a website, you are looking to get your name and goods out there. Social Media Marketing is one way of doing it, but it must be done in a social manner, all except on one social network… Pinterest.

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Good or Bad: Your Dealerships Internal Commitment Displays Online

Dealerships Internal Commitment Displays Online

As social media demolished thoughts of being a fad and has established itself as an Industry that has not only transformed Internet Marketing as we knew it a few years ago, but is making its way into search. We have seen many dealers fight their presence of being online.

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Dealers Do Not Need to Know Social Media They Just Need to Care

Dealer Social Media Care

As Social Media has progressed in the past few years it is hard to keep up with what will turn the crank on gaining people who will be of value to you as you would hope to be to them. As a dealer trying to figure out the inner workings of the Internet may sound achievable until you try it and learn how much work is needed to put true effort into your social media sites.

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Does In House Management Matter when Hiring a Social Media Specialist?


It is almost guaranteed that any business module you are currently using to track your business efforts does not attain the tracking necessary for social media.

Everything created to help businesses remain informed as a unit from each department would not have thought to include a section that would properly track social media efforts as preferred since social media changes faster than algorithms within Google.

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Responding to Comments is a Significant Part of Blogging

Responding to Comments on Blogs

As a blogger you know the dedication in which you make to your blog or blogs, not only do you have to keep up with ensuring that your plugins, theme, widgets and overall site is constantly updated, you too are responsible for making your site look clean and user friendly… oh and of course you need to write, silly me.

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Should We Complain about Paying to Reach People on Facebook Pages?

Complaing Promoted Posts Facebook

There has been a lot of talk buzzing around the web regarding Facebook’s changes to “people who saw this” or in other words how many people a brand can reach on their Facebook page. Two stories that caught my eye recently were surrounding the opinion of the Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban; on why he believes Facebook is driving brands away. The other story though acts as a rebuttal to Cuban’s theories and is on the opposite side of the scale. But which one is right?

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How-To Start your Small Business on Social Media Platforms


We have all come to the same conclusion by now, that Social Media is not going anywhere, and its various platforms have become useful to our businesses and brands by optimizing their presence, connecting further with customers and building online communities that can generate possible leads.

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