Has Social Media Helped the Social Recluse?

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The meaning behind a “Social Recluse” as derived from the Urban Dictionary:

“A person who voluntarily removes themselves from social situations, or society altogether.”

May not be applicable to many others since the term can be from a compilation of things that have caused us to shy away from society and become a recluse without choosing too. Such things could include, shyness, a variety of anxiety disorders and one in which is a disorder that is for the social recluse, known as “Avoidant personality disorder”.

Any of which can be the contributing factor in which we will shut our blinds and for the most part contently remain reclusive within our own dwellings. I will state that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any degree in psychology.  I have, however, been affected by anxiety. Like many, the feeling of isolation that comes along with the side order of depression is often unsettling and leaves us in great discomfort.

In the United States alone an estimated 26.2% of Americans are diagnosed with some form of Mental Illness yearly; a subject many still don’t understand and unfortunately cause many to shy away from even sharing their pain.

Therefore curiosity has made me wonder if Social Media has helped those who either choose to be a Social Recluse or those who have been made to be reclusive from others. No matter what reason you would label yourself to be a Social Recluse, innately we are created to be social creatures, meaning we yearn for connections with others.

Social Media has provided a perfect outlet to enable people who are coping with various degrees of mental illness that forces them to hide away and often lose friends due to the inability to share what so many still scorn due to their ignorance.

Leaving loneliness and isolation a constant within the lives of those suffering inwardly, which makes me wonder if having access to people from afar has helped others to feel connected once again without having to explain themselves for when they make the choice to go online or offline, depending on how they feel.

Although my hopes are that people have found relief in the use of Social Media and has added to the lives of those who are socially reclusive. I do want to express that in an era in which emotions are valued, we do need to take time to learn about the darker side of what causes people to hide from expressing there’s.

Meaning, we need to become a little less judgmental at pain we cannot see, we need to be more understanding towards those who are coping with anxiety or depression and we need to be more compassionate period. Mental Illness cause people to suffer, no one needs to contribute to that pain. Instead I wish that social media eases the constraints that come with any disorder and helps you or your loved one find a little place of peace in this chaotic world.

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