Good or Bad: Your Dealerships Internal Commitment Displays Online

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Dealerships Internal Commitment Displays Online

As social media demolished thoughts of being a fad and has established itself as an Industry that has not only transformed Internet Marketing as we knew it a few years ago, but is making its way into search. We have seen many dealers fight their presence of being online.

Some dealerships still have difficulty bridging the other known Internet components that have helped catapult success with the term social media due to fear, fear of being caught in the negative sentiment web.

Ah, sentiment. A word that has two meanings, it can either be good or it can be bad. But where does is start and stop? With your dealership.

Most people are not out to hurt your business, they are mostly wanting to be heard and to help others to or from experiencing what they did. Negative sentiment isn’t an attack about you, it is an acknowledgement of what was done onto the customer and this has nothing to do with social media.

In fact, people are talking about you whether it is amongst dinner, at their place of work or on review sites. This is not new, instead, social media has provided businesses with a platform to react quickly and easily in the hopes to change an upset customers mind, or thank them for their kind words.

It provides opportunity for the business to save itself, whereas multiple review sites can be harder to track and provides you with less control than a Facebook page your business owns. For customers, social media has become a faster and easier way for them to be heard and acknowledged whether the sentiment they leave is good or bad and believe it or not, what they have to say is not a personal attack upon you, it is rather, a way for you to learn, grow and gain awareness about your business.

It is up to you on how you perceive a negative sentiment, it is also up to you on how you will try and make it right. But be aware that what has filtered online did not start there. Nope, it started at your dealership.

A dealer can be wary of social media, but what is said there began internally.

Remember that it is not because of social media that your customer is expressing their upset; it is instead how they were treated in-store.

So whether we want to fear an outcome or rejoice it online, how the customer service was originated will always be first and foremost the direct contact with your dealership and that is where you need to spend your time worrying. Do you have employees that cater to the customer? Do you let customers leave unhappy? Do you care?

The answers to those types of questions are what you can expect from customers when they make their appearance on your social networks. Because whether it is good or bad, your dealerships internal commitment will display online.

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