Does In House Management Matter when Hiring a Social Media Specialist?

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It is almost guaranteed that any business module you are currently using to track your business efforts does not attain the tracking necessary for social media.

Everything created to help businesses remain informed as a unit from each department would not have thought to include a section that would properly track social media efforts as preferred since social media changes faster than algorithms within Google.

Social Media changes too fast, either a new feature is introduced within a social network or a new social network is founded. These are just some of the regular changes that occur with social networks, we haven’t even calculated the industry from B2B that strategist target. Nor have we touched on the demographics needed to hone in on and most of all, we have yet to mention the continuous changing of social media strategies that are needed to remain relevant as the social networks change or new ones are born.

This is just the brink, as each social network has their own specific algorithm that with some, more than others need to be catered correctly to in order for the posts to be effective.

Then there are social tools that will help with time management and organization. These tools can be a third party one or for some companies, one would need to be made in house.

Finally, the most important ingredient are the expectations of the client and whether your business can fulfill them or will tweaking and making seamless adjustments possible, not only to new clients but to existing ones on a regular basis.

Which leads us to the overall initial question… does in house management matter when hiring a social media specialist? The quick answer is no.

As a business hiring it is your obligation to share the requirements of the potential candidate that you are looking for to help you not only deliver your social media products but with the hopes that their expertise will improve it. Making the requirement that they are confined to your business’s building is often a mistake too many businesses make.

You are most likely looking for someone who can be flexible, passionate, determined, reliable, experienced and friendly. None of which need to be seen in house, instead you are most likely limited your business by making in house management a requirement.

True social media specialists are global and the best are not always going to be found within your local area. Even if they are, bounding them to traffic and an office so you can see their face is not the forward thinking you are asking for, nor will it serve you great purpose as a business looking to succeed. You definitely need to be willing to look outside of the box.

Management can be easily done from afar if you hire the appropriate candidate to do social media. Keep in mind; you will need a candidate that does not need to be micro managed, takes initiative and one who is reliable. Without these skills whether they are in house or not, they will fail you.

Tools such as Skype, Google Docs and Google Drive are more than enough to help you keep in daily contact with your employee as well as finding or creating the appropriate tool to help measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Mostly the requirements fall on you, do not settle for gurus and be flexible yourself when hiring a social media specialist, since you will need that as one of the traits you ask of them.

Businesses are used to having employees under one roof but that doesn’t mean it is the most effective way of doing business, especially when incorporating the world of social media.

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