Dealers Do Not Need to Know Social Media They Just Need to Care

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Dealer Social Media Care

As Social Media has progressed in the past few years it is hard to keep up with what will turn the crank on gaining people who will be of value to you as you would hope to be to them. As a dealer trying to figure out the inner workings of the Internet may sound achievable until you try it and learn how much work is needed to put true effort into your social media sites.

Posting pictures or content of any kind to merely look active has come and gone. Much like an oil change is needed to up keep the maintenance of a vehicle, keeping up with what is necessary to ensure your social networks remain of quality, you need to care about your social media without truly knowing its ins and outs. Just like a customer depends on dealers to do the oil change and all is required on the customers end is for them to care enough when that light comes on within their car to alert them.

Social Media encompasses a variety of Marketing and SEO efforts you are already aware of and with its fast pace changes it will continue to grow while your biggest concern is selling the cars off your lot. The reality can become overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be, you just need to quit searching for gurus, you need your search to include people or vendors that actually care about vehicles, knowledgeable about them and care that your investment in them is to create a partnership with your Dealership.

You do not need to become an overnight social media wizard to participate; you simply need to make the choices that will benefit your Dealership’s best interest. This means you need to care like you do about your advertising and brand awareness. You need stop thinking as though social media is a separate entity from all of your work thus far, it all ties in together.

If you are looking to dive in or better yet, enhance your social media presence and efforts all you need to know is who is worthy of your time and money and by using the following guideline will help you further in your Dealerships success.

  • Do your research when looking for social media assistance or take over.
  • Ask other automotive industry friends or acquaintances when at conferences or trade shows
  • Allow your Dealership to be willing to take part in Beta tests from vendors.
  • Try to match your Dealerships expectations with your social media person or vendor and see if what they offer can fulfill some of the expectations you need, or if what they offer exceeds what you thought it would.
  • Who you are looking for wants a partnership, which does not require you to know everything there is about social media. Nor will they expect you to physically participate, but you will need to have interest in what you invest.

After you have found your compatible person or vendor, your efforts will mainly need to be caring which requires you as the Internet Sales Manager or GM to keep aware of what is happening, especially in the numbers. Here is ideally what you need to do to keep your dealership moving forward online.

  • Care about analytics and check to see if social networks are driving traffic to your website.
  • Care about negative sentiment and be willing to have a conversation with your GM and discuss how to handle negative reviews, they happen. Be willing to be alerted of them and respond quickly.
  • Care about your Consultation calls and show up, be interested and ask questions. Your main priority is to sell cars, where the sale comes from is not always known, brand awareness and connecting locally and with like-minded people is important to market yourself.
  • Care. Care and Care.

You receive already too many phone calls and most likely have vendors reaching out to you left and right, do not fall short because you feel the pressure to be on social networks. Rise above and find people who care about your best interest and are confident in what they are knowledgeable in doing.

There does not need to be a disconnect because a customer does not understand how to do an oil change, just like there does not need to be one with not completely understanding the depths of social media. Like your customer, you want them to choose you for the qualities you possess, and because you know what you are doing. They do their research and look for you online. Are you there? Do you just exist? Or do you care too?

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