Why I Do Not Like the New Look to Pinterest

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Do Not Like New Pinterest

You may have noticed some articles stating that you may not notice changes to Pinterest, but any avid Pinterest user will certainly take notice to its platform changes since the two newest changes are in areas in which you scale your pinning actions.

As a Pinterest user myself, I appreciated a quick read on the left-hand side which I would consider the news feed of Pinterest, where I could quickly review any new Pinterest shared board requests, new followers of boards and who repined my pins. Now, as you will see in a screenshot below, Pinterest has changed this area to News and it shows in long-form the latest repins where users now have to click yet another area to See All news.

[click to enlarge]


The second noticeable change is on your very own profile where your boards were located and displayed on the board its popularity as well as how many pins you had added to the board. Now with the changes to Pinterest, it shows again who repined from your board, basically duplicating information that shows on the new News area.

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I do not like the new look to the Pinterest platform as it seems to make what was a simple look more difficult and clunky. The UI was user-friendly and every spot seemed to have a purpose whereas now it looks too blended together and repeats information on your main page as it does on your profile questioning why there is a need for a See All link since it only takes you back to your profile.

I personally had a routine when signing in to Pinterest as it defaults to your profile, I then would click on the Pinterest logo to be taken to the main page where it would show the pins and repins of the people I followed on Pinterest and would scan the easily viewed repins of my pins, new followers, and see if any shared boards would interest me and reply to requests, if any.

I am unsure of why there seems to be a need to change Pinterest at all since it seems to be working already in its favor, better yet, if you are seeing the tested new changes, what do you think of the latest changes to the Pinterest Platform?

[pinterest changes image via kunocreative]


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