Am I Relevant?

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Am I Relevant

As children we all aspire to do great things and often dream of becoming someone memorable. As we grow into adolescence and adulthood, the world goes from innocent to egocentric and then to realizing that the world is a lot bigger than us, much like someone peering down upon small ants of people. This is the stage in which we reflect on our childhood dreams, on the days in which freedom was not only of the spirit but of the mind and in a world so big we question, Am I Relevant?

It can be a moment of disillusion or one that is joyful, either way it is a defining moment that most of the times leave us with more questions than it does answers. With that said, many of us have to follow the money trail instead of our dreams, worry about mouths to feed and if the roof over our head is going to remain sturdy or is the floor going to be taken from underneath us.

We not only become self-aware but alive about the world around us, how society has been built of beauty over brains, the media glamorizing tragedies and excuses are given to those who reside with evil. It is a scary transition that often leaves a puddled despair of tears.

We also find the truth about love and loyalty and realize where and to whom we want to place it, leaving many that used to surround us as friends within the paths of yesterday and build walls that are only torn down by a few.

In a world with so many people, why is there still loneliness? Why do people have to hide who they are to gain approval when the people they seek approval from are doing the exact same thing? Hiding.

We are all in search of belonging, in finding a place for our existence in the world to have a safe place to just be. Making an online society that stems outside of Government, traditional media and has grown much bigger than the original chat room; it is a culture all its own and it is known as social media.

Whether we intended to or not, we clearly and collectively needed a place to breathe out our own thoughts, to relish in interests that others could and would understand and to find a stage for the entire world to know that beyond our insecurities, self-doubt and flaws, grows a person that due to his or her qualities, good and bad, lies a person that is seeking for answers about life, to find truth in stories about the world and in search for a reliable friend to be honest about their life experiences.

Social Media has not only awakened us with the ability to share our imperfections but to learn to be proud of them and to discover that we in fact share in many of the qualities we hide offline to discover acceptance when we log online.

We have become and found many friends to provide and attain truths about companies; we now offer recommendations and reviews to even those of strangers. We have uncovered social instabilities that linger in our own backyards and have even been able to be truthful about the happenings in the world, in a raw state, not one that is glorified for ratings, but embarks on the realism that we all long to find.

Various blogging platforms have become loud speakers for people to voice thought and to provoke it, instead of simply becoming zombified by the society that judges us more on our bank accounts and weight, the same one that categorizes us into a class and turns us into numbers.

We are people, we have brains and thoughts and fears and loves and suffer loss and want to share in happiness, and that is why social media with all of its networks, bookmarking sites and blogs has sprung into such a strong union. Since after all, it has become our gateway to leave the tribulations that hinder us within society. Instead, opening us up to understanding and compassion that is built on opinions and intelligence, experiences and truths; no numbers here, but names, people who can relate and find comfort in the solace of another human being; quote, video, status update or blog post without the pending fear of judgement.

Relevant Yoda Interests Meme

Here, in amongst the nested sea of IP addresses, you are relevant. You are no longer the ant of a person looked down upon. Instead, here you are able to share life as we were meant to, openly and honestly in a natural state. No need for masks or walls, no need to feel alone or unheard.

Together we have made a safe haven to be who we are together in all of our flaws and imperfections while sitting in our pajamas and conversing about events and life. We are relevant, no need for celebrities or endorsements to say what is needed or to love what or whom we do. We can just be.

Be able to breathe in the sanity that social media has helped humanize us once again and in knowing that our relevance matters to someone somewhere within the universe and that it expands from offline to an even bigger galaxy online of people who too needed to find someone like you.

You are acceptable as is, and your presence, your voice, makes a world of difference, where you belong is where you are and your life, it matters, it is relevant in the world of social media, so let it echo on.


About Erin Ryan

+Erin Ryan is a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and currently works as the Director of Social Media for the Internet Marketing Company, Wikimotive. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. Erin often expresses her thoughts and opinions on TheErinRyan. Connect through Erin Ryan's Profile

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