Responding to Comments is a Significant Part of Blogging

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Responding to Comments on Blogs

As a blogger you know the dedication in which you make to your blog or blogs, not only do you have to keep up with ensuring that your plugins, theme, widgets and overall site is constantly updated, you too are responsible for making your site look clean and user friendly… oh and of course you need to write, silly me.

All of this combined is no small feat, blogging is a serious hobby that should not be taken lightly or if you have a blog, one should not be desolate, as if any words added would echo within its emptiness. A blog is a fundamental part of Social Media, in fact blogging is one of the very first social platforms related to the creation of the Social Media Industry and as it has evolved, it still remains more relevant than ever.

Keeping your blog updated with articles may mean that you will spend a lot of your spare time writing, depending on the frequency of your blog articles and the style in which you have it set up for your targeted audience.

Sure, it may be easy to write when it comes naturally to you and in that instance, probably your best bet, since I truly disapprove of forced writing. With that said, you do have an audience, that is of course if you are providing quality content, and that means they depend on you.

This is why responding to comments on your blog are just as important as the article you thoughtfully write. Without an audience, your blog is yet another one of many that are just blowing in the Internet wind, and believe me, there are many.

You do not want to be one of “those” writers, you must prefer to have insight and input on your articles and many times, more often than not, your readers bring life to your article.

The beauty of being able to blog is the idea of having your own words reaching the masses, however that is not always going to be the case and as a blogger you need to find a way to be okay with that. Someone is reading, most won’t leave a question or comment, but the ones that do deserve your attention, they are the ones who will likely return and now you as a blogger can give them the added incentive to want to.

People want to be heard, more importantly, they want to be acknowledged and if you are providing a service that shares information on whatever niche or subject your blog focuses on then you need to find the time to answer, respond, and use a plug-in that will help them get notified when you have responded to them.

A blog is just a blog without an audience, make yours come to life by valuing your readers with a response. Their voice matters, it is the most important one on a blog, thinking otherwise will decrease your blogging success period.

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