An Unforgettable Documentary about Kindness using Craigslist Ads

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Unforgettable Documentary about Kindness

If you wonder if kindness is still left within a world where we have consciously isolated ourselves at times through the advancement of technology that sometimes divide us from our offline worlds, while at the same time unite us online, the short answer is yes.

Many may have questioned whether our access to the communities online has removed us from the communities that are outside our doors and differentiate from our domains, a question that could only be answered through someone who had courage to challenge it.

Interestingly enough there is a documentary that tests this theory that uses the online community of Craigslist and a curious soul, Joe Garner, to see if kindness and community still existed within the land of technology and of opportunity, the U.S. of. A, in which unravels a journey to search out if people would still extend themselves to others; and the story is told within a documentary that can be seen on Netflix titled, Craigslist Joe.

Joe Garner decided to leave his world behind, his family, contacts, money, clothes and trade it in for the clothes on his back, his laptop, new empty cell phone and a toothbrush to see if the listing site, Craigslist would get him from one end of the country and back.

The amazing story unfolds a beautiful journey that highlights the ability to share each others lives with one another that blends both the online and offline world; ultimately highlighting our need for company, for a connection.

Garner takes us with him as he uses the trust of strangers to get him from one end of the United States and back home again and during his adventure does he not only find acts of kindness within strangers but provides many for others along the way all through the Craigslist site.

From finding places to explore, take part in, sleep, find rides, to sharing his soul by volunteering his time to help the less fortunate from kids to adults; spreading the kindness bug and giving back while he receives.

If you have yet to watch the Craigslist Joe documentary, which was also produced by the famous comedian Zach Galifianakis, it is the documentary of the year (in my humble opinion), not only will it help restore faith within humanity but shows us through Joe’s experience that even when you leave it all behind, endless opportunities can still arise and that kindness still exists, it is out there and that depending on how we use technology, community is what we make of it and that we can continuously share in it together.



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