It’s Friday Friday Friday! NOPE it’s Thanksgiving (Video)

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We have all had our fill of the YouTube hit “It’s Friday“ by Rebecca Black and now it is someone else’s turn to take the spotlight, meet Nicole Westbrook, our new and shiny Rebecca Black, except instead of singing about the most popular day of the week, Nicole is singing a more festive tune about Thanksgiving.

Timely I’d say, but perfectly so, since American Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and of course that won’t hurt in the well-produced YouTube video. As many successful videos, the time in which you launch them are just as important as to what you will create your video about.

The “It’s Thanksgiving“ is a simple video about a yearly tradition that many part-take in; therefore it is strategically targeting the masses. This is exactly what Rebecca Black did as she chose to simply sing about Friday, a day majority of people would say is their favorite day of the week.

Having a catchy tune doesn’t hurt either, as both songs do, and are almost contagious as they easily get stuck in our heads. This too is due to the simplicity of the lyrics, as many of the words included are ones that are quick to learn and suddenly we will catch ourselves singing them aloud.

Creating videos that appeal to a large audience can be a risk, however if you make it simple and relatable you have a higher chance at gaining their attention. People are prepping for Thanksgiving, it is that time of the season and appropriately so a perfect time to create a video about a pending Holiday.

Adding a bit of humor or shock helps too, as you will see Nicole using a turkey leg as a microphone and suddenly becomes a rapper at the dinner table. Both create an emotional reaction, helping viewers bond even more so with the video. This is the type of content people will share on their social networks, it might be a silly video, but 5,002,120 views is no joke.



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2 thoughts on “It’s Friday Friday Friday! NOPE it’s Thanksgiving (Video)

    1. Hi Jeffrey :)

      I completely get that, it seems like it is more about shopping than a historical tradition. Here in Canada we celebrated a month ago, but we don’t have any other days that follow like the U.S. has Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, we have now had stores here have Black Friday sales to prevent us wanting to spend our money in the States.

      P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

      Socially Yours,
      Erin Ryan

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