How-To Start your Small Business on Social Media Platforms

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We have all come to the same conclusion by now, that Social Media is not going anywhere, and its various platforms have become useful to our businesses and brands by optimizing their presence, connecting further with customers and building online communities that can generate possible leads.

Whether you are a startup or small business, it can be easy to not know how or where to begin when it comes to Social Media. It can almost feel like you are a small fish in a big sea and possibly feel discouraged by the bigger brand names that have the leverage of a known name or product.

Don’t worry, luckily you can rest assure that Social Media levels the playing field by basing more on how you strategize your Social Media tactics more so than who you are. Customers spend less time figuring out what they want to buy and more time on finding reasons to buy from businesses that sell what they are looking to purchase.

Therefore your goal is to create an action plan that will suit the style of your company’s overall Marketing agenda. You need to remain true to your brand online as you would offline and keep your look, feel and personality in sync prior to taking on an online presence. Once you do, you need to not only decide on where you want to be present but how you are going to consistently present your brand.

Being genuine, customer service oriented and social are key factors you need to put into effect out of the gate and for the long haul. Appointing a Social Media representative is imperative to ensuring that your efforts have a voice to respond to comments and actions made within your social communities.

In the following video, How to Leverage Social Media for Your Small Business created by CreditScore and Good Money can help you figure out how you too can take the steps that are necessary to start your small business on Social Media platforms.

Note: Since the making of this video the numbers of Facebook Users have increased.


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