Did you know Facebook had Friendship Pages?

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New Layout for Friendship Pages

I like to say that I know my Facebook pretty well but I have got to say that I did not know that Facebook had a Friendship page feature. That is until today, when Facebook announced that they are revamping their Friendship pages many did not even know existed.

What are Facebook Friendship Pages?

A Facebook Friendship page is available to everyone (who knew?) and it will show any events, photos and combined posts. You will be able to see when you became friends on Facebook, your mutual friends, a history of conversations’ shared and check out other Friendship pages you have.

If you have a relationship status added to your Facebook profile you then can share a page with that said person, which is also known as a Friendship page.

How Can I see My Facebook Friendship Pages?


Facebook Friendship pages have been under our noses all this time, all you have to do is go to a friend’s profile > click on the “gear” or “settings” drop-down > choose”see friendship” and your Friendship page will appear, the page looks just like old Facebook profiles.



[Example of Friendship Page of my friend @Minervity (Richard Darell) of The Geek, Tech, Design and Social Media News Guide, BitRebels]

Therefore you can now explore your history with all of your friends, relationships and family members with each of your connections giving you your very own shared Facebook Friendship page.

Facebook is now introducing the timeline layout to Facebook Friendship pages so you can easily browse through your past in a more organized fashion. It will be exactly like the timeline layouts that have already been introduced to single profiles and pages on Facebook with the added bonus that you now share it with someone.

I am sure many will now spend their weekend looking through their very own history of their years shared with friends on Facebook. Enjoy!


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