Country Music Awards uses Popular Game SongPop for Marketing

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This is Social Campaigning done right.

I am an avid SongPop player, a social game that allows people to play with others via Facebook (web interface) or the iPhone or Android mobile apps for your Smartphone. You are able to play with other people by taking turns trying to guess the correct song by the music genre you purchase with your SongPop coins (which are free unless you choose to pay for more.)

Songs are heard and either the artist or name of the song is provided in a multiple choice fashion and you not only have to pick the right one, you have to be quick in order to win and gain stars to earn more songs and playlists.


Tomorrow (Thursday Nov. 1st) is the Country Music Association Awards (CMA) that will be hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood and whether you are a country fan or not, this is a fantastic example of social campaigning done right.

Not only did the Marketing team for the CMA Awards choose the right game, due to targeting their country music demographic, they provided the playlist for free and titled it CMA Awards Nov. 1, a very smart way to capture the attention of country music fans as well as a fantastic reminder for people (fans) to tune in to tomorrow night’s show.


If you choose to play the free country playlist, it showcases the nominees for the awards show, increasing the excitement, and as all other SongPop songs it prompts the ability to purchase the music via Amazon (a great idea to help the music industry as well in the digital era.)


It also displays the ability to“Like” the Country Music Awards Facebook Page or to follow them on Twitter in an ad that shows the two popular hosts.


As you can see, there are inventive ways you too can use current popular social activities to market your brand to your demographic, as this campaign shines as a great marketing example.

Since one would think that a huge event like the Country Music Awards would not need to use a Song app or game on Facebook to promote their ceremony, this just goes to show that no matter how big or small you are, you will always need to go where your audience is, and finding a way to connect with what they already enjoy doing online.


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4 thoughts on “Country Music Awards uses Popular Game SongPop for Marketing

  1. Thanks for the write-up, Erin! We are certainly excited to have partnered with the good people at SongPop to create and promote the “CMA Awards Nov. 1” playlist! It’s the perfect opportunity to reach music enthusiasts.

    Side note that the show is the CMA Awards (not “Country Music Awards”). CMA stands for “Country Music Association, the leading trade association serving the Country Music industry. :-)

    Thanks again! Hope everybody will tune in TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC!

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