Finding Inspiration for Writing

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Finding Inspiration for Writing

Every now and then you get asked a great question, which I did recently by @StrapsBrailey on Twitter the question was:


Now I, by no means write movie or television scripts, although I have in the past in college, however, today I write many articles for blogs and websites that range from gadgets, social media to technology. The writing begins on a daily basis which can lead to close to 40 articles or more a month, so how does one find the inspiration to write?

When having to write many articles for work and for pleasure it can certainly become overwhelming and frustration can set in to find what it is to write about that will interest the audience you are shooting to captivate with your words.

First you need to find what interests you within that demographic, so if you are writing for a Technology site, find news or information that is of interest to you first. Therefore, you already know that it interests you then you have a higher chance of others feeling the same.

Find out what is trending within the Industry you are looking to write about, which if it has anything to do with the Internet can range from Bill Murray, Apple to the latest Internet Meme (Binders anyone?). It is not always a news story, it can be a topic on a person, place or thing that with a little research, you can find out what the Internet finds interesting at the moment.

Always write for your audience.

Never write to simply write.

Those two points will help you from getting writers block.

Inspiration can be found anywhere; find ways to use how to turn the topic you need to write about into an analogy. Recently, I wrote my 50th article on the Social Media blog, Soshable and after seeing my garden rise and wither due to the season change, I found inspiration to write how Social Media is like a Garden.

Comparing topics to other relatable things can help you find the words you need to write. Watching what others do can give you inspiration as well, since people often are praising or complaining about something, therefore if there is one, there is always more, so write about it.

Finally, write articles from comments you receive on your blog, or much like this article, questions you receive from your social networks.

Inspiration is all around us, we just first need to narrow down the demographic we are looking to write for and research their main interests. Once you know what you want to write about, use your own life, your own experiences to help you type the words you need.

This doesn’t just apply to blogging either, use your surroundings to inspire whatever it is you are looking to write and you may be surprise as to how easily the words will simply flow.

Thanks to Straps Brailey for inspiring me to write this article.


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2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration for Writing

  1. A novice I am in this writing arena, and this advice and the guidance it provides rings true more today than ever. Thanks Erin…

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