You Wear Your Heart upon Your Sleeve but should you wear it upon Your IP?

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Sometimes it can prove difficult to determine how much of yourself you want people online to know about you. I am not talking about detailed personal information here; I am referring to your personality.

For some, chatting online comes naturally, yet for others many thoughts swirl around whether they want to grant true access to his or her identity or rather allowing people in. The real question is, how vulnerable do you want to be?

There are many of us that can relate to being sensitive, and the Internet is not the easiest place to share that side since others can lose their inhibitions and be bluntly rude. However, if you are wondering how you should be online, the answer is… yourself.

The Internet is much like life and for many of us it is a part of it. It would be extremely difficult to try and pretend to be someone other than who you are, so why even bother exuding energy to appease the trolls? Understandably your feelings will get hurt from time to time and trying to create logic from nonsense is practically implausible.

Connecting with other people has been the greatest gift Social Media has provided for us. We are no longer bound by state lines, restricted to long distant phone bills or separated by the Country we live in. The power button to our computer has become our remote control access to the world.

Therefore, you should never shy away from being who you are, trolls offline are known as bullies, yet sensitive people are known as the same since when you are true to yourself no other name is necessary as to the characteristics you share.

In other words, if you are sensitive and fearful of truly connecting, you are foreboding the feeling of joy. As a society we have made being vulnerable a symbol of being weak, when in my opinion it is one of the strongest features you could have, since vulnerability allows you to feel, to express.

I am unsure why we as a society have deterred each other from being open with one another, why people abuse beauty seen in others. We ought to praise sensitivity and vulnerability since the two truly make up the kindness that is left in the world.

So yes my friends, if you where your heart upon your sleeve, feel free to wear it upon your IP, the world needs more people like you offline and online too.


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