Why Do We Still Hide Behind Avatars?

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Why Do We Still Hide Behind Avatars

A human connection begins online when someone can believe you are real.

I get it, I do. I understand that in a way hiding behind an avatar is a bit of a safety net and posting a true picture of yourself may leave you a bit vulnerable.

As a female, in the 90’s that is all I did, never would I ever think a day would come that I would feel comfortable enough to show my true identity, since back then the Internet was “evil” and completely “unsafe” and since I was just a youngster, an avatar was and still is ideal.

However, it seems that other adults have yet to transition into using their real identities when socializing online and besides the security factor; I am unsure why that is.

Obviously not only have we aged, but so has the Internet and it has developed into a socialized forum for others to communicate and connect. That doesn’t mean we lose our logic and common sense, but perhaps peel back a layer and share who we are?

Those who use avatars usually do not share any other photos of themselves and some even go as far as not using a proper name. I am not judging I am simply trying to understand why we are still acting like we are in the 90’s when it is 2012?

The Internet will always have “evil” and some places and people will remain “unsafe” but doesn’t that just sound like life? We don’t go around wearing masks to prevent others from knowing our true identity.

Therefore I ask when others who use social networks that have been built to connect and build relationships, why are we then still hiding behind avatars?

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