The Internet Video of the Year is Out of this World



All aboard! Memories to the moon and back.

YouTube is a fantastic hub for variety and many people use it to share their lives or make music videos like the now infamous “Gangnam Style,” or videos of awesome cats and dogs. This year I have yet to have been as amazed as I am with a video about a Father who sends his son’s toy train into space.

There are so many things that we can do and are unaware of, just like this video shows and how a love for a toy train can go up into space with the ability for it to return safely to earth is the ultimate gift a dad could give to his kid. This video is my pick to reign for best video of 2012 due to its creativity, great editing and most importantly the heart that went into its creation.

This is a well-deserved viral video as you will see a favorite toy take a real adventure that will be treasured for years to come. It is truly out of this world.


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