What I would say to my 13 Year Old Self Today


What I would say to my 13 Year Old Self Today

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me,

I know right now it must seem like the most difficult time in your life, your parents don’t understand you, your popularity is lacking and pimples seem to be your new best friends.

You try and fit in the best way you can with the trends and the money your parents can afford and you attempt to speak to your parents as openly as you can, but you’re 13 and they speak gibberish to you, so your diary is a safe haven for your words.

People are mean, not in total but they aren’t always thinking about how you are feeling and your egocentric phase has come to visit you as it did when you were a two year old, but you don’t even know it. You are simply thinking that people are talking about that pimple on your face, how much weight you have gained since grade 6 and that you haven’t had a boyfriend… in like… well ever.

This year that will change and I wish that you had the skills to see that just because a boy likes you does not make them worthy of your time. At this age, they want to play silly head games that will confuse you and ultimately break your heart, and although that hurts, this is the age you are learning how to transition into an adult and at some point it is bound to happen. Rarely will he be your forever and love then means nothing as it will when you are thirty.

You clearly think school is a waste of your time, but little do people know that it’s not because you don’t want to learn, it is more to do with people picking on you and how alone you feel when you are dropped off at the parking lot every day. Perhaps this is why you would spend time skipping class, not to go hang out with punks, but to a coffee shop down the street to write endless scripts of poetry.

As much as other people seem to rule your thought process at this age, your education will teach you many things in life and not that you know this now, but in the future it will make more sense. Such as how History actually teaches you to respect the past that we all get somewhere from some place, or that math will help you budget your money and figure out problems down the road. It is not obvious and teachers don’t tell us the purpose of the class, instead the lessons that are learned only truly become transparent when an issue arises in life.

relating to teenagers

You will use the knowledge of the kids who picked on you to help build a strong personality and good character that will show kindness upon others, because, well you know what it’s like to be treated otherwise. Every experience you learn here on out, will help you somewhere with whatever road is brought forth for you to ride.

Your sensitivity is not a weakness, although it has brought on many tears, it is an honorable trait to have and later in life when someone else sheds tears you will be a good person for them to turn to, you just need to hang in there and know that if someone says “you’re too sensitive” that it is their problem with most likely not having the ability to be sensitive themselves. Believe that what other people view as weakness is an opportunity for you to build your strength.

Being a thirteen year old girl is not an easy process, with billboards, magazines and TV Shows that promote women to be skinny, unhealthy and to not eat. This will affect you greatly, although you are skinny, you will always be made to feel as though you are still not good enough. Be sure to know that these images do not make or break who you are, that there will be some people that think this is the only way to look but that the world is much bigger than the one you are in now and there are many more people who look and think otherwise.

Beauty on the inside is the only true beauty that needs to be thought of, regardless of what looks to be the social norm, since outer beauty fades no matter what we do to ourselves; it is a fact of life. But if we constantly fine tune our inside, our personality, spirituality and love, we will have something that will last till we no longer exist. Your beauty is what you make of it, don’t ever let the words of others or images make you feel any less of a person. Confidence building is essential to gain success in anything, including self-image.

Success in life does not come from the way your face looks or how many numbers display on a scale, it comes from how you carry yourself, how you treat others and through your intelligence. You will need to believe in yourself before others will believe in you and starting now will help you gain abilities that will be beneficial for your future.

Never Lose Hope

Overall, you need to know that everyone has insecurities about something, we all long to be understood and heard. You will often be told you talk a lot, but trust me when I say this, your ability to talk will help your passion find you and you will love the career that the universe has set out for you. So never stop talking.

You will use all of the knowledge that you can to become the person that you are meant to be, not by the standards of someone else but through your own. You will learn to see that there are really amazing people out there and learn to weed out the ones who have treated you poorly. You will also make a conscious choice to take your early years into adulthood to learn more about whom you are, what you love and what it is that you don’t. With the hopes of finding love that will understand you, accept your flaws and help you shine, since you don’t know it now, but one day you will realize that you are worth never settling for anything that will intentionally hurt you, put you down, or extinguish your flame.

You are a feisty girl who will translate into a woman who has a strong personality, a mind of her own and is not afraid to speak that mind of yours. Never change, always be you and if you could hear me today, I wish you the love for your thirteen year old self to linger forever. Never get too old to be young again, and enjoy you now, people will come and go, but you, you are with you… forever.


Grown up You.


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