Chevy Cruze Commercial: A Great Example of How-To Personalize Your Videos

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Chevy Cruze Commercial A Great Example of HowTo Personalize Your Videos

The Automotive Industry is not only reinventing themselves using Social Media but with their vehicles as well. Taking the sales out of the person and replacing it with service, we are witnessing an evolutionary trend unfold, that is our communication history in the making.

Thirty years ago, the idea of simply having access to a phone was the closest pay phone you could find, let alone having the ability to use one in the car, to using one from the car. We have watched as times have changed with technology and the more change that has occurred, the realization of upgrading our abilities and services have been taken in to consideration.

We are at an all time high with technological integration within vehicles, from phones, heated seats, air-conditioning, automatic windows, cameras, mp3 players, on-star, and the list goes on. As Social Media has become a form of our social norm, it is great to watch the unveiling of motor companies acquiring access within our vehicles to them. Enabling us to continue to stay connected even when were on the go, while incorporating safety as an added touch.


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